Character Collaboration

Read about the characters in this story. So far, I only have my antagonist and his loyal stallion.

Donavon Shey 

The sole commander of how things operate in the land of ******. One hundred square miles of neglected lands and unclaimed resources have left him the only viable leader for the *****.

Surrounded by self-sufficient, land-dwellers, with no means of transportation to further scale and grow the community, they are met with a leadership which holds hostage new dwellers who will help with the community, but the idea of things progressing, the newcomers, based on age, will be sacrificed to the leper community, in order to maintain the status quo for the elite. If you buck the system, you will end up a leper or dead. If you are talented, they will negotiate your demise.

Bradley Cooper as Donavon Shey. I might need to find a better picture, more dark. I think I'd like to build the perfect antagonist. He needs to be sexy, arrogant, and ruthless. Redeeming qualities: nothing, except he has a way of easing the angst of his black stallion, Sebastian.

Artistic rather than reality:


Sebastian is Donavon's prize stallion.