Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

by Diane Carlisle

This is my post for the September 2011 Blog Chain at Absolute Write. This month's challenge is to respond to a picture.

"We can't keep meeting like this," he said.

She pulled out another cigarette. He struck a match and cupped the tip as it flickered. She leaned in and let the flame dust the tip, drawing the smoke into her mouth and letting it fill her lungs.

She lifted her head slightly up and away from him and blew the fumes out, "What's the matter? The Mrs. keeping you tied up on a leash now?"

"It's not like that," he drank the last of his scotch and placed the glass on the bar, the clinking of the ice an indication it was time for another.

"One more, Frank?"

He nodded.

She crushed out her cigarette, picked up her purse and stood. "So, I guess this is it then?"

He looked at her for the last time. Her beautiful red lips turned slightly down, eyes ablaze with anger. He wasn't shocked by the slap she cracked against his face. He watched her leave. She had a hell of a figure, that one.

The lone man at the bar lifted his bourbon and coke in a salute to him.

He picked up his scotch and raised it back at the man and they drank in silence.

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