Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where To Get Inspiration For Your Writing

I couldn't find inspiration to write today, so we strolled around the flea market. It's a place where things happen, weird things. Sometimes funny things happen. It's not a world where many people consider spending their time on a weekend. 

If I'm not writing, this is where I visit in hopes of finding potential subject matters or situations I can include in my WIP. Talk about being on location. My expenses are minimal.

Have you ever considered a character like this one, maybe in some sort of romance novel? This I experienced at 9:00a.m. on a Sunday morning. I don't know whether he has a drinking problem or he's just soaking up the rays. I'm going with the latter for my inspirational post and Character of the Day

I have to use my imagination a bit, just to set the mood. Must remember to forget those socks, too. Look out ladies, me thinks he has the potential to be the next Christian Grey.

The Adonis

The sun's rays danced across his muscled torso, exposing a chiseled and tan eight-pack no woman could resist. The heat blanketed his body and forced tiny droplets of moisture from his pores. 
He lay there, skin glistening and inviting, oblivious to the woman who watched as every muscle in his taut body formed this exquisite monument before her. She wondered, oh did she wonder, what tautness lie beneath the netherworld of his groin.

Goodness! I need a change of location. This is killing me and I'm not getting anything accomplished. So, where are some of the places you visit for inspiration?