Friday, August 10, 2012

AW Blog Chain - Fursious Forest

This month's theme for the Absolute Write blog chain is Fire and Ice. I've linked all other participating blogs below. I hope you enjoy!

There would be no indication anything was awry with the exception of the shriveled leaves upon the trees and the browning hay-like underbrush. The sun, unforgiving, basted everything exposed to its rays.

These were the main features blanketing the vastness of Fursious’ Forest.  A forest, once green and vibrant, had become parched and decadent. Despite the beauty of the sun's rays and the sparkle of its reflection from the surrounding ponds and streams, the assault continued through the long summer days.  

The heat would not be contained. A spontaneous combustion in the underbrush burst into flames at the foot of a large tree.  The boughs of the oak swayed with the wind and fueled the hunger of the fiery beast which spread out of control, each living thing a conduit to the next.

The fire raged on for several days, obliterating all things in its path, leaving nothing behind but charred wood and ash.  When the flames dithered away, everything in sight lay blackened. White smoke permeated in swirls and all was quiet but the occasional crackle from the remnants on the ground.

Citizens from all walks visited the famous forest, rumored to have been destroyed by villainous demons.  Fursious also made annual trips to the forest to give blessings and to view the remains of the disaster.

He looked upon his forest with sad eyes, but he knew there was hope, no matter the peril which left this land in a state beyond recognition.  He prayed each day to Lord Belphegore, knowing the God of Battle, Rage and Fire would answer.  Years passed, though his faith in reaching Belphegore did not dwindle.

The day came when Fursious received the answer to his prayers. He had made another visit to the ash-filled grounds of the forest which bares his name.  A small blade of grass sprouted on the ground at his feet, so small that he would have missed it if not for the whisper in the wind which begged him to look down.

What had been destroyed years before became a breeding ground for new growth and the years ahead proved to be the most flourishing ever.

Fursious made several trips to the forest, and each year he visited, he brought family and friends to celebrate the new growth of foliage and wildlife.  The devastation had reaped something more powerful. The grass was greener than before and the flowers more vibrant than ever.

A beautiful blanket of new hope had replaced the stagnant and worn brush from the past.  Fursious' Forest had been reborn.

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