Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On The Eve of a Deadline

I just wanted to give you all an update on what I've been involved with over the past six months. I feel like I've neglected my writing of fiction, but it's not for nothing, I promise!

Aside from some highly visible projects going on at work, I signed on to become the Tallahassee Writers Association newsletter editor the middle of last year. Though this position is a voluntary position, I take all challenges which come my way with great seriousness. Therefore, this honor of serving for the past six months has garnered me some valuable experience working with authors, editors, agents, and publishers on all levels. I can't express enough how much I feel privileged to have been invited into this world.

The world I find myself involved with currently is a place where I can dream and be happy. I can produce a product I'm proud to represent. I can bring my technological skill set to an organization who appreciates my input and by its very nature, offers me guidance and acceptance. I started off new, fresh, and with great enthusiasm. I was rewarded with a role in a community which made me grow and fed me with the confidence I needed to continue with my writing passions.

In celebrating my joy for having been involved in this community, I share with you my first publication as Newsletter Editor for the TWA.

Write On! June 2012

So, after this deadline has been met, I'm back to my regularly scheduled program of goofing off about writing!

What are your thoughts, and what have you been up to?