Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coming Soon: New Blog Author

In order to keep a steady flow of updates at Are We There Yet? I've invited a new author to join the site. I'll keep it a secret until she writes her first post. I know it's customary to introduce new folks, but I'm not the customary type. I'd rather allow her to make an entrance.

So, I will let you know a little about the new person, though her biography and writing career will be announced and linked in her first post.

She is a former journalist of 13 years with an MFA in Creative Writing. I'm super excited to have her join the blog and offer up valuable tips for our readers. I know we can't get enough opinions about writing and craft, so stick around to find out what's in store!

I will still be posting on a regular basis: Snarky, Gangnum Style!

Talk to you soon.