Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Blog Chain - Dead Bunnies

This month's prompt:  Dead Bunnies - by Absolute Write

Write wherever the prompt inspires you. It can be fiction or non-fiction. So, here's mine: This is totally made up, but I included a link to the real game in case anyone would like to try it out. Everything else, including the name of the city is made up. Invasions do happen on Threshold, but I've seriously customized this so that it will fit within the theme of this month's blog chain. I hope you enjoy!

It is a late night around 1:00 a.m. I can't sleep and it is too late to start drinking beer. I log into Threshold, my favorite text-based online role-playing game.

I am not logged in for long before a spam of text splashes across my screen.

Attention Adventurers! 

A band of monster bunnies has been unleashed into the meadows on the eastern border of Azelroth! Arm yourselves and prepare to defend this great city!!

BOOM!! Explosions everywhere! The Lord Bunny of Demonville has arrived!!! Casualties have been reported!!!

Crap, I just leveled up last time I was logged in

All I want to do is read the boards and find out what's been going on. If I log out suddenly, the Admins will think me a cowardly wimp. If I join the invasion and get killed, well, there goes my newly acquired level AND 1,000,000,229 experience points.

[System message from Admin]What are you waiting for? There's an invasion going on!

Great, they see me logged in. Damnit!

I type in the commands and head to the armory where I purchase the basics for protection (leather boots, leather gloves, simple robe and a cowl). Then I purchase a small dagger. I'm a mage, so I do have magic at my disposal.

I head out into the streets. Dead bunnies, everywhere! Adventurers running about, wielding swords and casting spells scream obscenities. I run passed them and seek shelter in the local tavern. I request a bottle of ale and the barkeep produces it and hands it to me. 

I'll hide in here until the invasion is over. I can stay logged in long enough to where it looks like I participated.

Before I drink the first drop of liquid pleasure, in storms a black, 20-foot monster bunny from hell. Fire blazes from its eyes and smoke streams from its nostrils. Before I can wield my dagger and defend myself, the bunny pelts out a deep, gut thundering roar and swipes at me with its paw, gashing me open. It continues to strike me with its sharp claws and bite me with its pointy, 1-inch teeth. I watch in horror as my hit points tick down by the hundreds. 

A display of ascii art in the form of a skull and crossbones appears before me, an indication I have perished.

So much for dead bunnies!

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