Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Top Ten iPhone Apps

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I is for iPhone!

Here is my list of top ten applications I use on my iPhone. The priority is listed by how often I use the applications.

This was the first and only mobile application which I helped develop. Of course it's going to be on my top ten list! I was more involved in providing the server side development rather than the GUI, but I guess being on the back end has its benefits.

It looks like Google has updated their satellite images. I was a bit surprised to see my daughter's 2010 white Mustang in our driveway rather than my old 2001 mustard green Ford ZX2 which my son totaled when I had three payments left on it.

This almost came off my list of favorite applications for the iPhone when I purchased the iPad 3 and downloaded Kindle onto it. I use the iPad to read now, but I still love the application's ease of use. Even though I’m keeping it on my list, I’ve moved it in my list of priority apps.

Who doesn't love to look at food, comment on food, and compare food findings, reviews, and popular hangouts? There's nothing like sitting down at a nice restaurant while waiting for your food to arrive. When the server places my entree in front of me, I break out the iPhone, fire up Foodspotting, and snap my photo. Gotta share it with the world, right? Hahah, the annoyance! Okay, I don't use it much, just when I remember I have it on my iPhone and food is placed before me for consumption. It doesn't happen often or I’d be 200 lbs.

This dictionary app is my trusted companion when I'm not at my computer writing. Otherwise, I have easy access to This application allows you to search for your word, produces a list from which to choose, and displays your word with an audio option so you can hear the pronunciation of your word. You can also speak your word into the microphone and the application will search for your word.

With this application, you can configure several different locations and get the current weather conditions, an hour by hour reading, or a 10-day forecast. Severe weather alerts can be configured and maps display the current conditions all around you.

Who doesn't like Family Feud? This is the closest simulation I've ever experienced. The only thing missing is the social aspect of the game. You know, the Richard Dawson kisses or the Steve Harvey jokes and funny expressions. Still, the fast money round is addicting. It’s the sound effects when you get points. The top five answers are…on the board!

This application is in the top three because I use it on a daily basis. My husband and I move money around between six different accounts and it comes in so handy. I haven't been inside a bank in a very long time. I haven't been to an ATM machine in years. I can pay bills, transfer money, stop payments, and check my balance at the touch of a screen. How awesome is that?

This application feeds my OCD. It's not an iPhone app, more of a browser driven simulator. I can check the statistics on all of my configured sites. Hourly, daily, monthly, and annual statistics tell me how my sites are operating. I can tell which sites are worth keeping up and which I can ignore. I never ignore the busiest sites. I like to see the numbers climb, but more importantly, I like to see why they climb or why they do not. Statcounter is free, but when you start to reach the 50,000 page load statistic, it's time to make the investment and upgrade.

My OCD has its ups and downs. Up is why I have Statcounter. So, what do I do to bring myself down and focus so that my OCD can be utilized to my best interest? Five Differences is a great tool to use for this. You are presented with two seemingly identical pictures. You have a set amount of time to discover five differences in the two pictures. It takes a great deal of concentration to do this because the pictures must display on the iPhone screen, so they are small. But it is not impossible, more of a challenge.


AND NOW (You're probably wondering why I have no pictures to share)

This is why Wells Fargo might become the #1 mobile app on my list. There's nothing like feeling connected to your children, even after they've moved out. 

What applications do you have on your smartphone? Which do you use relentlessly? This is not limited to iPhones and iPads. I’d like to know what’s out there for other smartphones as well. Who knows, I might want to switch when my contract is up!

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