Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Conversations of a Writer - The Beginning

As a writer, you've probably run into many situations where you wish people understood you and your passion a little more. It's just difficult to explain to people what you've learned for yourself in your journey toward becoming a writer.

For all the time I've spent in wonderment over how to respond to people who do not realize how insensitive they are by not understanding our passions, I've decided to post (on occasion), Conversations of a Writer.

Writer:  Well, I write short stories and some poetry. However, currently, I'm working on a police procedural novel.

Nancy Nuisance: Oh, really? Have you published anything I might have read?

Writer: I'm a writer, not a publisher.

Be reminded. Technology has changed the scenario. We will not have to experience this sort of thing much longer. Self-publishing options make this conversation very different.

Writer: I have published a police procedural novel and an anthology of ghost stories.

Nancy Nuisance: Really? How many copies have you sold?

It shouldn't be an embarrassment to call yourself a writer if you write. The fact that you write makes you a writer. Don't let these people keep you down. A successful writer is a happy writer! Don't ever forget this in your writing journey.

Do you recall any conversations which made you feel like you were embarrassed to say you are a writer? Please share your experience!