Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review of Yesterday and Tomorrow by Candice Adams

Yesterday and tomorrow by Candice Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was bored, so I picked this up at the flea market. I'm not much of a romance reader, especially the more modern romances. But, this one was published in 1986, so I was like "Okay".

It didn't really do much for me and it's not an amazing story, but it was a quick read (a total of 2 hours). The only minor things I have to complain about is the verbiage used in writing it. I'm particularly not happy to read certain phrases that make me cringe, but in this book, those were sparse enough.

"His lips danced over hers with white-hot intensity" didn't really work as a visceral response and the visual of lips dancing is distracting in my opinion.

I won't linger much on the verbiage, but this one last sentence that sort of turned me off:

"Putting her hand on the door-handle, she opened the door."

Well of course she did! She wouldn't change her mind and decide to open the door with her foot, would she? Seriously, I don't appreciate reading the same words in close proximity of one another, let alone two! Granted, "hand" is not the same as "door-handle", but still, it was a bit jarring.

Aside from getting bored at times, this wasn't as bad a read as I thought it would be. Much better and more believable than one of the more "modern" romances I attempted to read. That's right, attempted (I couldn't get passed the 2nd chapter without calling BS). This one, at least, kept me reading until the end.

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